What are fanlistings?

As its name suggests, a fanlisting (FL) is a non-profit, non-commercial site that lists all fans of a certain subject, primarily for entertainment purposes (meaning: it's just for fun). An entire community has been built around this concept by and for fans since 2000, so practically every fanlisting on the internet is listed in one of two "master directories": The Fanlistings Network and The Anime Fanlistings Network. (The staff of those sites have been running the networks for almost two decades now, so kudos to them!)

Why join FLs? Because when we love something, sometimes it's not enough to be quiet; we want to tell and show people that we care about it. When you sign up for an FL, it's a simple and easy way to let everyone know that you like this subject enough to declare so in the world wide web. Fans don't even need to do anything else after signing up—the whole point is in putting your name down and being able to say, "Yeah, I'm a fan. And I'm proud to be one."

It's even better if you have your own website (though this is not required to join), because you have a place to show off this proclamation badge of your interests. If you link back here, I will link your site on the members' list, too.

Bottomline: You're a fan, you're proud to be one, and you want everyone to know. You have nothing to lose by joining. ;)

The Sai/Ino (サイいの) Fanlisting

This fanlisting is specifically about the relationship (either romantic or platonic, but you obviously see my bias) between Sai and Ino Yamanaka, a canon couple from Masashi Kishimoto's well-known shounen series, Naruto Shippuden, and its sequel, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.


I ship this pair not only because I like them individually as characters and when paired together are a good-looking ship, but more so because I am moved by how their love stemmed and blossomed from a touching friendship (cf. Shikamaru Hiden and Sakura Hiden). The depth of care Ino has for Sai went beyond a simple girl crush who found a substitute for Sasuke. For his part, Sai has grown so much as character culminating in a man who can finally know what it is to love; and that, I believe, is largely because of Ino. They complement each other quite nicely—a boy raised to be an unfeeling mercenary, and a outspoken energetic beautiful girl who erased the grays in his life and replaced them with color.

He may be too blunt at times, and she may react violently (for comedic purposes), but they work really well together. The fanfic writer Tappity-tap put it quite well in her fic, Set in Ink: "[Ino] couldn't tell for sure if [Sai] was being serious or just joking around... it was sometimes hard to read him. But maybe that's what she liked about him. Unlike most men who were just too predictable for an expert in the mind like herself, he could surprise her at any moment. It her on her toes, off-balance, and enthralled all at once."

I'm actually new to the series—and I watched Boruto first before I retro-fangirled over Naruto—so I'm still learning about these two, but the main thing that made me like this pair is how well they balance each other out. ♥