Site Log

This is a list of all the changes I've done on the static pages of this site. This does not include member updates for the fanlisting; the last update date for those is always on the index page.

Jun. 9, 2018

The Boruto Series FL is now affiliated with this site! Thanks, Jess, for that lovely 100×50 custom button, too! ♥

Jun. 2, 2018

I now present my fourth finished fanlisting of a relatively young OTP, featuring fanart by Koppie:

The Sai and Ino Fanlisting

The Sai/Ino Fanlisting

As always, it took me pretty much the entire day to finish a simple fanlisting, but I’m finally happy with the relatively simple design and can now plug the site.

Do join if you are a Sai and Ino fan!